Want to Optimize Your Drone's Battery Life? These Tips Can Help

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Consumer drones make up 94% of total unit sales while commercial drones represent the other 6%. However, because they are more expensive, commercial drones make up 60% of the industry's revenue. But regardless of the type of drone you use, one thing is for sure: keeping your drone's battery charged and well-preserved can help you make the very most of its functionality. If you're having trouble preserving your drone's battery life or using it efficiently, we're here to help. Here are just a few smart ways to conserve and optimize your drone's battery life.

Never Drain the Battery Completely

First, you should know that experts advise against letting any drone's battery become completely depleted. To avoid this, it's ideal to do a quick battery check before using your drone, even if you don't plan on using it for long. Experts say that the best way to conserve the condition of your drone's battery is to stop using it and charge the battery when it reaches about 20% capacity.

"Keeping an eye on the battery charge has a dual benefit. Firstly, it actually helps keep the flight time in control. Secondly, most of the experts say that your battery gets worn off if the charge shrinks to 0%, so keeping it in check will assure that they are safe at all times," writes Jack Brown on MyDroneLab.

Don't Overcharge

As is the case with other devices, it's not good for your drone's battery for it to be overcharged. This means you should never charge it overnight or at a time when you can't keep a close eye on it. Overcharging the battery is one of the main types of misuse that will result in a quality and capacity decrease, causing you to have to get your drone repaired.

Buy Extra Battery Set

If you're buying drones that come with a large enough battery, you may not need to worry about this. But depending on how often you use your drone, it's often helpful to invest in a second battery pack so that you can always have one ready when the first one becomes depleted.

Drones are incredibly versatile for a wide range of applications, making the most of your drone's battery life can help you make the most of the drone's underlying cutting edge technology. For more information about buying drones, contact Fortress UAV.

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