What’s the Difference: Drone Repair vs. Drone Maintenance


‘Repair’ and ‘maintenance’ are often used as interchangeable words – swapped out for one another. However, many times this leads to confusion as their definitions are quite different.

  • Repair can be defined as the act of fixing or mending something.

  • Maintenance can be defined as the process of maintaining or preserving something.

Repair is reactive while maintenance is proactive. When used in terms of drone repair and drone maintenance, it is imperative to use responsibly and understand the key differences.

Allow us to use a scenario we are almost all familiar with… Let’s pretend your drone is a car.

Imagine that you are driving, and you have an accident and crash. Most likely, your car will need to be repaired. Next step – you would most likely drop your car off at a local, reputable repair shop where a trained and professional mechanic will perform all necessary steps to repair your car back to full operation. This is a typical repair. Your car crashed and needs to be fixed – reactive.

Now imagine that you are again driving, and your oil light turns on – a key indication that maintenance needs to be performed. No injury has come to the car, but instead a preventative action is being summoned. Again, you would most likely take your car to a local, reputable shop and have a trained professional perform an oil change. This is a typical maintenance action. Your car needs to be preserved - proactive.

Now in each of these scenarios, replace the word ‘car’ with ‘drone’. With no other changes, both scenarios still hold up. Like a car, a drone may need to be repaired due to an accident or crash and routine preventative maintenance needs to be performed to preserve the life of the drone.

Fortress UAV

At Fortress UAV we offer a one-stop shop for both drone repair and maintenance for our customers. Our team of drone professionals have been trained and certified to perform all necessary steps for both drone repair and maintenance. We service the leading drone manufacturers, including: DJI, Yuneec and Parrot.

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