Exploring Some Common Signs Your Drone Needs Repair

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According to Gartner, in 2016, around 110,000 drones were sold for commercial use. In 2017, that figure is expected to rise to 174,000, and the number of consumer drones is projected to rise to 2.8 million. But whether your drone is used for recreational or commercial applications, it's important to recognize some common signs that may mean that it needs to be repaired. A drone that's working improperly can cause trouble for businesses that rely on drone technology for a number of purposes. Here are some common signs that mean your drone may soon need to be repaired.

Battery Inefficiency

As is the case with any battery-powered device, it's normal for your drone's battery to start to lose efficiency and charge capacity over time. This isn't so much a drone issue as it is a battery issue, but it's still a major factor of overall functionality. It affects everything from how long you can fly your drone, how long your drone takes to charge, and more. If you think your drone is experiencing battery issues, take it to a professional.

Foggy Camera

Your drone's camera should remain at a crystal clear quality during and after use. If you notice any visual imperfections on the lens itself, like a scratch, it will likely have a negative impact on the photo and video quality. But keep in mind that not all camera lens damage is visible -- it's possible that moisture can leak in over time and cause fogginess as well. When in doubt, take your drone to a drone repair service center so that an experienced professional can take a look at it.

Jerky Motions

Finally, drones that have gone through some sort of physical damage, e.g., hitting an object, may have sustained damages that cause it to fly improperly. Your drone may have jerky motions or not be able to hover properly. Many times, this is an easy fix; just visit a professional repair center.

The drone industry is now worth $3.3 billion. It's important to know what to do when your drone breaks so that you don't have to go through the process of buying a new drone. For more information about buying a new drone, contact Fortress UAV.

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