Drones: Deliveries, Public Safety, and... Mosquito Hunting?


As part of the Federal Aviation Administration's "Drone Integration Pilot Program", 10 projects have been selected to develop UAV testing zones. These projects will be able to develop a regulatory framework for drone operation and will get special permission to work on drone applications that are currently not allowed. Furthermore, the program will also involve looking at the integration of drone systems into current airspace operations.

With the drone industry now being worth $3.3 billion, there have been tons of innovations with drone technology. The projects offer a variety of drone applications -- from focuses on agriculture and public safety to traffic management to delivery systems. But one project that stands out in the crowd is the Lee County Mosquito Control District.

Since 1958, the Mosquito Control District has been tracking and killing mosquitos throughout Florida. More recently they began using helicopters and other aircraft systems to track the mosquitos. 

As a winner of the FAA's "Drone Integration Pilot Program", the district will soon start using drone applications that currently aren't allowed, like flying over people or out of the line of sight.

As of right now, the district uses UAVs to spray insecticide around the county. Regular monitoring of aquatic weeds is necessary in order to keep the weeds at bay and track weed-killing solutions.

In the project plan, the district incorporated a 1,500-pound drone that would help with spreading the insecticides. While the drones won't be able to carry a lot of insecticide, they'll be beneficial nonetheless.

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