New Program Aims to Develop System to Prevent Drone Delivery Crashes


With the FAA expecting there to be at least seven million drones in the United States before 2020, more and more people and businesses are finding new uses for drones in today's society. One increasingly popular use for drones is deliveries. But with the FAA limitations on drone flying height and speed, companies are hitting walls when trying to develop drone delivery programs.

In Ohio, there's a new project underway to solve this problem. By using radar and software to develop an unmanned traffic management system, this program hopes to have an air traffic control network that will help prevent crashes during deliveries and other drone use. The main concern with using drones for a variety of applications is not knowing where other drones are in the area -- and this program will change that.

Basically, the program will allow active radar units to track other objects in the area that need to be tracked. In doing this, drone users will be alerted when there is another flying object nearby, allowing them to change their course if necessary. The system also hopes to be able to have FAA data on commercial flights so the software can connect all drone pilots together. Having access to this system would allow fliers to know the best places to fly and where they and should not go. 

While this program is still underway, there are other similar projects in the works. Organizations like NASA are also working on systems to help drones fly safely all around the world. These programs are aimed at creating a world where drones can be flown for a variety of uses and not have to worry about crashes or other potential problems.

If you have a personal drone, you don't have to worry about crashing as much as larger, commercial drones do. As long as you keep your drone in sight, away from obstructions, and flying at a stable height, you can experience all of the thrills drone flying has to offer, without having to worry about crashing or causing damage.

The world of drones is changing and adapting to different uses. Programs like the one in Ohio are just one step towards utilizing all of the benefits drones can offer society.

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