Support services for police, fire departments, EMS forestry
agencies and homeland security. 

At Fortress UAV we understand public safety is of the utmost importance. You take it seriously and we do too. That’s why we provide critical drone support to First Responders. We support police and fire departments, EMS forestry agencies and homeland security with all aspects of drone technology and services - from drone repair to preventative maintenance and hot spare programs. Public safety UAV programs are changing the way First Responders gain first visibility into an incident - We are proud to be supporters.

Public Safety Drone Sales

Allow our team to take the burden of sourcing your drone and equipment needs off your hands. As an authorized reseller of the top drone brands: DJI, Yunnec and Parrot - we offer extremely competitive pricing to the public safety markets. We work with your time-frame and your budget to find the perfect fit.

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Drone repair

Our team of certified technicians are ready to tackle any and all repair needs. We understand the importance of your fleet and will do everything possible to get your drone back up in the air as soon as possible.

PLUS we offer public safety a 10% discount on labor.

PreventATive maintenance

There’s no way to deny it - drones provide critical support. It’s essential your assets are always flight-ready and have maximum uptime. Get peace of mind by allowing our team to provide vital maintenance support - using a industry standard core checklist PLUS drone model specific checks, we ensure your drone is ready for flight.

PLUS, we provide detailed reporting of all maintenance performed - get a step ahead of any FAA mandated regulations.


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HOT-SPARE Programs

Drones can crash due to many reasons. You can’t wait for a working drone in an emergency situation. We offers the ability to spare back-up drone assets with a guaranteed availability within 4 hours after dispatch. This program enables your team to get back in the air as fast as possible.

The Fortress UAV Hot Spare Program is customizable and flexible depending on budgets and need. The service is available in the U.S. and Canada and can be deployed “live” within 30-days of contract execution.


Combine the MERC-UASC solution from Comprehensive Communication Services (CCS) with Fortress UAV’s Drone
Managed Services to receive a fully comprehensive mobile solution that is extremely adaptable and can serve
numerous use-cases:

1. Communications for Emergency Response
2. Event Monitoring and Inspections
3. Off-Road Search and Rescue Missions
4. Enterprise Drone Services


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