Support services for police, fire departments, EMS forestry
agencies and homeland security. 

At Fortress UAV we understand public safety is of the utmost importance. You take it seriously and we do too. That’s why we provide critical drone support to First Responders. We support and help police and fire departments, EMS forestry agencies and homeland security with all aspects of drone technology and services. Public safety drones are changing the way First Responders gain first visibility into an incident. This technology is providing critical support and saving lives.

Public Safety Drone Fleet Sales

Fortress UAV is an authorized dealer of DJI and Yuneec brand drones.   Fortress UAV offers competitive pricing for public safety drone fleets and an extensive drone repair and maintenance service.

Contact fleet sales at (469)808-1299 or at



Repair and Maintenance

Fortress UAV has a team of certified technicians ready to tackle any and all repair needs. We understand the importance of your fleet and will do everything possible to get your drone back up in the air as soon as possible.