Always know where your drones are - in the air and on the ground.


A drone fleet of ten or more drones requires a great deal of paperwork.   Drones can be deployed multiple time is a single day and the locations and conditions can vary widely.  Tracking these assets and keeping records of drone deployments is a specialty at Fortress UAV.  Often, the drone dispatches need to be synched with the record keeping associated with the FAA Part 107 piloting requirements.

Fortress UAV provides the ability to centralize and track your drone fleet assets while providing a wide range of reporting capabilities for management and control.  This asset tracking can be merged and stored with the FAA Part 107 piloting data to provide a complete picture of drone asset utilization over time.  In addition, this reporting can show field damage and repairs as well as airframe up-time availability.

Additionally, Fortress UAV also provides a secure centralized portal with user-control that can also act as a centralized archive for this asset tracking and FAA Part 107 data collection.  

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