No Safety, Know Pain: 3 Tips for Flying Your Drone Safely

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Let's be honest, drones are pretty cool. But do you know what's even cooler? Safety. If you aren't safe while flying your drone, you're not only risking damaging your drone, but you could seriously hurt someone nearby. So to help you have fun while flying your drone safely, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Do safety checks: Each time before you fly your drone, you should always do a safety check. You should start by checking the drone itself by making sure everything is intact, the controllers are working, and nothing looks damaged. After the drone is checked, check your surroundings. Drone flying should only be done in big, open areas. If you're in an area that is crowded with people or obstacles, it's best to go elsewhere. Additionally, you should ensure you're flying in appropriate weather -- never fly in dark, rainy, or windy conditions. Overall, you should be sure your drone is ready to go before you take off.

Know the regulations: Before you even think about taking your new drone out of the package, it's important to know the regulations that need to be followed when flying your drone. For example, if your drone weighs more than .55 pounds, it needs to be registered with the FAA. There are also regulations on height restrictions, flying zone restrictions, and rules about flying near airports or other aircraft. Flying too high isn't just against the rules, but it could easily result in the need for fast drone repair. So before you start researching the best places to fly your drone, make sure you know the rules.

Practice makes perfect: If you're looking to avoid crashing your drone and risk damaging your drone, property, or a person, then you need to practice flying. Before you start trying to do tricks and fly way up in the sky, you should start with the basics. Drones aren't always easy to fly and if you try to jump right into the tricky stuff, you may find yourself in need of fast drone repair. So take it slow, make sure you get the hang of it, and get plenty of practice in before trying anything fancy.

Drones can be a real joy to fly -- from taking pictures and videos to doing cool tricks, drones are very versatile. But it's important to follow these few safety tips to keep both your drone and those around you out of harm's way.