5 Popular Uses for Drones in Today's Society


In today's society, drones have become an increasingly popular choice for hobbyists around the world. While drones used to be limited to military use, they are now used for both consumer and commercial uses. In fact, Gartner shows than 110,000 drones were sold for commercial use in 2016. It was expected that this number would increase to 174,000 in 2017. With thousands of drones being used all around the world, people are finding new and unique uses for their UAVs. This article is going to discuss a few common uses for drones today.

Aerial photography: One of the most popular uses of drones is to take pictures and videos in the air. Collecting footage in the air can be used for journalism, documentaries, and personal photography.

Real estate: With today's technology, homebuyers have an easier time than ever looking at potential homes. More and more real estate companies are realizing the benefits of using drones to take aerial videos of their properties to show potential buyers online.

Inspections: There are plenty of ways drones can be used for inspection purposes. Whether it's farmers using drones to check on crops and livestock or utility companies using drones to inspect power lines and oil and gas pipelines, the use of drone flying is making inspecting from a safe distance possible.

Deliveries: More recently, companies have begun experimenting with drone use for shipping and delivery. Being able to reach a wider audience, even in remote areas, could improve the efficiency of deliveries around the world.

Geographical mapping: When it comes to reaching hard to access areas like mountaintops, drones are allowing users to create 3D maps. These maps then allow data to be collected right from the image itself.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of uses for drones. Individuals and companies in all different fields are beginning to use drones to improve processes. But no matter what you use your drone for, it's important you take care of it. If you do happen to fall victim to one of the common drone mistakes and damage your drone, you should find a local drone repair shop as soon as possible. Taking your drone to a drone repair shop will allow the necessary repairs to be made quickly and efficiently so you can get your drone back up in the air in no time.