A Brief History of Drone Technology


Drones have quickly become one of the most popular devices for recreational and commercial uses. In fact, drone sales drastically increased 63% in just one year between 2014 and 2015. But why are drones becoming so popular all of a sudden? And what have they been used for in the past? This article is going to provide a brief history of drone technology.

While drones and quadcopters that are used for recreational use today are generally pretty small, they aren't all so tiny. Drones, which are unmanned aerial vehicles, can be traced back to World War I. Aircraft that could be flown without pilots were used primarily for military use for many years. 

The unmanned aerial drone remained a concept, but not a reality, for many years. They continued to be used for military purposes as aerial defense around the world but were not available to the public.

As for civilian use, Americans became fascinated with RC planes in the 1960s. Advancements in transistor technology made devices that were radio-controlled available to widespread markets. Not unlike today's hobbyist drones, these planes were assembled by hand before being flown.

A French engineering firm developed a smartphone-operated quadcopter in 2010, which claims to be the original commercial drone that inspired drone developments in America. By the time 2015 came around, millions of consumers had purchased drones. This mass increase in drone purchases made way to further drone technology development and FAA regulations regarding drone use.

Using Your Drone Responsibly
If you happen to be one of the lucky people who own a drone, it's important that you know how to be responsible during drone flying. While drone technology has come a long way since the first military UAVs, they still pose risks if used recklessly. Because today's drones can fly quickly and in many directions, common drone mistakes can cause crashing and lead to needing drone repair services. Drone owners should ensure they can always see their drone, avoid crowded areas, and stay away from airports and other aircraft.

If you do happen to damage your UAV, drone repair services can help give your device a quick fix and get it back into the air as soon as possible. While drone repair services are available, it's important to do your best to avoid damaging your drone. Some UAVs are equipped with extra components, like GPS and cameras, and can be expensive to repair. So remember that drones can be dangerous when used responsibly and you should fly your drone with caution to avoid damage or harm.