4 Common Misconceptions About Drones

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With the drone industry now being worth $3.3 billion, more and more people are continuing to invest in drones. Whether they're used for taking pictures and videos, racing with friends, or just flying around, drones are becoming a popular choice for hobbyists around the world. But some people still have some misunderstandings regarding drone flying. To address this confusion, this article is going to look at a few common misconceptions about drones.

Consumer drones are the same as military drones. While they are both referred to as drones, their origins and capabilities differ significantly. Military drones are far more powerful with more complex technology. They are made to be able to stay in the air longer, as well as fly faster and longer. So while consumer drones may seem like smaller, less complex versions of military drones, they are extremely different.

Drones can't stay in the air for very long. Drones vary in size, shape, and capabilities. So while some of the smaller, less expensive drones may have a short flight time, some drones can stay in the air for hours at a time. Flight time really depends on the battery capabilities of the specific drone.

All drones have camera attachments
Yes, there are camera options for most drones. But no, not all drones have cameras on them. Many drone enthusiasts use a camera for recording during flight, but others simply use their drone for races and aerial tricks. Cameras that allow users to zoom in extremely far are heavy and expensive. Because of this, most drone users do not have fancy cameras that allow them to zoom in with high quality.

Consumer drones are great at avoiding obstacles
Unfortunately, most drones regular consumers can afford aren't the best at navigating. While drone flying takes some serious practices, it can still be difficult to avoid obstacles even with great drone flying skills. These common drone mistakes often lead to needing drone repair services. Luckily, an experienced drone technician can help repair any drone damage.

Drones can be a great choice for a hobby
But it's important to remember to use them safely. So as long as you use drones according to the regulations, you just may end up finding yourself an expert drone flier in no time.