Choosing the Right Drone for You


Drones are everywhere. It’s no surprise you may want one, too. As the technology continues to improve and more and more options become available to fit your specific needs, it’s clear, there’s never been a better time to fly.

When starting your drone search, there is a vital question you must first ask yourself: Do I want to capture photos or video footage?

From here there are two options:

  1. Toy/Hobby drones.
    Small to mid-size drones that are typically camera-free (or feature a low-quality camera) and are used purely for enjoyment hobby flying. These drones are much lighter, carry a much lower price tag and can often be used to fly indoors and out. These drones are great for early beginners. It provides the user a chance to get acclimated to flying and navigating a drone before purchasing a larger, more expensive unit.

  2. Camera drones.
    Drones that are equipped with cameras and can capture high-quality footage. These drones are typically heavier and carry a higher price tag. Some key features to look for include: battery life, camera options, integrated GPS, and obstacle avoidance. These are typically best for experienced flyers or beginners dedicated to learning the proper flying methods.

In addition to the drones above, there are two other categories of drone usage that we would like to briefly touch on:

  1. Racing drones.
    These drones are geared together speed-conscious customers and often come as kits that require assembly.

  2. Enterprise drones.
    These drones are typically larger and have a much higher price point. They are also compatible with various payload options that offer additional features such as thermal imaging. Drones of this caliber are often used for businesses/agencies such as: professional filmmaking, public safety, survey and mapping, surveillance, etc.

When purchasing camera drones there are a couple of industry leaders: DJI, Yuneec, and Parrot. Each offer different drones with diverse features at varying prices points.

To browse a selection of DJI drones, click here.
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To browse a selection of Parrot drones, click here.

In the end, the drone you purchase is totally up to you, but consider what you would like to use the drone for, your current available budget, and whether you want to fly indoors, outdoors or both. Once you have the answers to these questions, you have the information you need to start researching drones and narrowing down your options.

After purchasing, your next question very well might be, ‘Now, where do I fly?’. Check out our blog on how to find the BEST places to fly.

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