As the need for drone services continues to increase for Emergency Responders, the demands for maintenance and support for the growing fleet of drones grows as well.  First Responder departments realize that fleet assets take human resources, maintenance spend, and space to prepare the assets for dispatch.  These requirements can be a surprise to a department that is new to drone technology.  Fortress UAV has developed several programs that are designed to ease the burden on organizations and maximize the drone airframe uptime for emergency dispatches.

Customized Maintenance Programs

Fortress UAV offers monthly and annual drone fleet maintenance programs designed for federal, state, or local government.  These programs offer “nose-to-tail” maintenance, repair, and upgrade services with guaranteed SLAs (service-level agreements).  Whether your organization needs 4-hour turn-around or 4-day turn-around, Fortress UAV can assist your team in securing the designated asset and ensuring prompt shipment to our repair facility.  Fortress UAV is an authorized repair facility for DJI and Yuneec brand drones and is ISO-9000 certified.  Fortress UAV has over 250 technicians and employees ready to serve your repair needs.


Hot-Spare Programs

Drones can crash due to pilot error, mechanical failure, or weather.  Emergency Responders often times cannot wait for a working drone in an emergency situation.  Fortress UAV offers the ability to spare back-up drone assets with a guaranteed availability within 4 hours after dispatch.  This Hot-Spare Program enables your team to get back in the air as fast as possible. 

The Fortress UAV Hot Spare Program is customizable and flexible depending on budgets and need.  The service is available in the U.S. and Canada and can be deployed “live” within 30-days of contract execution.  For more details, call our Fortress UAV sales team at (insert Robert’s direct number)


Dispatch Program

Often, the management of a drone fleet can require human capital resources and space.  In addition, a large fleet of drones are expensive assets that need to be tracked and accounted for.  Fortress UAV offers a Dispatch Service that will “hangar” your drone fleet in a local location and then dispatch and track the assets upon demand.  The Dispatch Service will guarantee the arrival of the dispatched asset at an agreed-upon interval and Fortress UAV will collect the asset upon the completion of the dispatch.  Fortress UAV will then check the drone airframe asset for any mechanical issues and make repairs or upgrades where needed.  This guarantees that the asset will be in full working order every time the unit is dispatched on scene.

Fortress UAV also offers a battery charging service and can guarantee that the drone arrives with an agreed upon amount of freshly charged batteries.