Aria Insights (CyPhy) Tethered Drones

Aria Insights (previously known as CyPhy Works) offers advanced aerial platforms designed specifically for customers in defense, public safety, and commercial industries. Aria Insights specializes in delivering rugged, high-endurance tethered drones with secure payload data and autonomous flight.



The Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications platform (PARC) provides a stable, secure, autonomous flight that allows you to focus on your business mission rather than controlling the UAV.


The patented microfilament tethered system allows for continuous flight lasting for days, rather than the standard minutes of most battery-powered UAVs. Easily portable, quick to assemble, extremely rugged and resistant to wind, precipitation and airborne debris - it’s easy to see the advantages.

What makes PARC extremely unique? It's ability to support any number of payloads, for any business need. 


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