Have you recently crashed your drone? As a renowned drone repair shop and service center, we work with a variety of different brands and models. Our extensive, working knowledge and experience with most major manufacturers sets us apart.  We’ll have your drone up and flying in no time.  Not only do we offer fast repair times, we can also assist you with part and most firmware upgrades.   

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…Even if the damage looks minor, pay for an authorized shop. The crash may have knocked circuit boards loose, affecting much more than you see. … The biggest benefit here will be turnaround time, which, compared to the huge queue you’ll face when sending a drone back to the manufacturer, will take around two weeks instead of six or more. You’re also more likely to deal with an invested human being…
— Popular Mechanics Dec 21, 2016

Trust your drone to the professionals.

7-day average turnaround

97% customer satisfaction rating

Decades of
combined experience