Caring for Your Drone: 3 Tips to Make it Last a Lifetime

Caring for Your Drone: 3 Tips to Make it Last a Lifetime

With the FAA predicting there will be seven million drones being used throughout the U.S. before 2020, there's a good chance you'll end up owning a drone. Flying a drone is a great hobby and can be a lot of fun. But if you don't take care of your drone, you may end up having to retire it much sooner than expected. So let's take a look at a few tips to help you properly care for your drone.

Could You Benefit from Having Drone Insurance?

With 770,000 drones already registered with the FAA, there's a good chance you have one or are going to get one soon. Drone flying is a great hobby and can be a lot of fun. This is especially true when drones are used for things like photography or videography. But what happens when something goes wrong and your drone is damaged? Or worse, your drone causes property damage? Let's take a look at the importance of having drone insurance.

How Exactly Does a Drone Work?

Over the past few years, drones have become one of the most popular hobbyist devices. With the drone industry now being worth $3.3 billion, it's no surprise that people are continuously innovating with drone technology, producing bigger and better drones. But if you're thinking about getting a drone, you should know how these devices work. So let's explore a few of the most important components of drones.

New Program Aims to Develop System to Prevent Drone Delivery Crashes

With the FAA expecting there to be at least seven million drones in the United States before 2020, more and more people and businesses are finding new uses for drones in today's society. One increasingly popular use for drones is deliveries. But with the FAA limitations on drone flying height and speed, companies are hitting walls when trying to develop drone delivery programs

Drones: Deliveries, Public Safety, and... Mosquito Hunting?

As part of the Federal Aviation Administration's "Drone Integration Pilot Program", 10 projects have been selected to develop UAV testing zones. These projects will be able to develop a regulatory framework for drone operation and will get special permission to work on drone applications that are currently not allowed. Furthermore, the program will also involve looking at the integration of drone systems into current airspace operations.

Fortress UAV Announces New Drone Fleet Services for Enterprise and Public Safety Markets

Dallas, Texas (April 30th, 2018) – Fortress UAV announced today a series of new drone service offerings for enterprise and public safety markets.  These services compliment the successful national drone repair and maintenance business model that Fortress UAV launched in 2017.  The new enterprise and public safety offerings are meant to serve the emerging needs of organizations that are using drones or drone fleets in everyday situations.

Enterprise Drone Fleet Services
Fortress UAV has launched a package of solutions for the enterprise and commercial drone market that serves the needs of the expanding drone fleet.  With these services, Fortress UAV can perform as an outsourced aviation department for enterprises to manage the increasingly sophisticated logistics, field services, and maintenance of drone fleets.  Referred to as “hangar services,” Fortress UAV can provide drone fleet warehousing, logistical dispatch and return, asset tracking, fleet maintenance and data security.  For enterprises such as an insurance providers, oil and gas operators, or construction companies, the drone fleet logistics, capital investments, and on-going expenses will become a critical concern as drone fleets and needs increase in size.  More information on the Fortress UAV enterprise offerings is located at

Michael Blades, of Frost and Sullivan Research, has identified drone maintenance and related services as one of five significant growth opportunities in the commercial drone ecosystem in his latest drone report, Global Commercial UAS Market, Forecast to 2022. Additionally, in his report, Mr. Blades states, “While a vast number of commercial drones will cost under $2,000, there will be tens of thousands of units that cost as much as a personal vehicle and will require routine maintenance and repairs.”

Public Safety Drone Fleet Services
The same issues that commercial enterprise drone operators will soon face is already a going concern for public safety agencies, such as police and fire emergency responders.  Today, public safety drone operators are trailblazing innovators in discovering new drone applications – all while saving lives and preventing further property damage or tragedy.

Fortress UAV newly announced offerings include specialized drone maintenance and redundancy programs for public safety agencies.  Fortress UAV offers monthly and annual drone fleet maintenance programs designed for federal, state, or local government.  These programs offer propeller to camera maintenance and upgrade services with guaranteed SLAs (service-level agreements).  Fortress UAV offers repair services for DJI, Yuneec and CyPhy Works brand drones today and are continually adding manufacturers.  Additional information on the newly announced public safety offerings is located at

According to Garret Bryl, A UAS Pilot with Public Safety UAS Response Team (PSURT) of North Texas, “"Emergencies can occur at any time without notice and downtime on UAS equipment is not an option.  Fortress UAV's services provide public safety agencies the ability to sustain and maintain their operations with the highest level of confidence in their equipment, and always ready on a moment’s notice"

To speak with a commercial or public safety drone expert, please call (469) 808-1299.

About Fortress UAV
Fortress UAV is a subsidiary of Fortress Solutions and supports repair, hangar services, and logistics for drone operators in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.  Fortress UAV is an authorized dealer for DJI drones and an authorized repair center for Yuneec.  Fortress Solutions, the parent of Fortress UAV, has been focused on high quality electronic systems repair since 2002.  With three facilities in the U.S. and over 245 employees in repair services, Fortress UAV is the largest and most comprehensive facility for drone repair in North America.  Fortress UAV supports repairs from consumers / prosumers, OEMs, and big-box retailers. Fortress UAV can be reached at  The Fortress UAV Twitter account is @FortressUAV.

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More and more people are beginning to use drones for both recreational and business purposes. In fact, 770,000 drones have already been registered with the FAA so far. One of the best things about drones is their versatile features. There are a wide variety of types of drones to fit a wide variety of consumer needs. But what types of drones are there? This article is going to discuss a few key differences among some common types of drones.